Further questions?

What clothes are best?


First and foremost: it’s important to feel comfortable in the clothes you choose for

the photo session!


In general, plain, minimalist clothes in one colour work best for all kinds of photos.

Things to avoid include bold prints, logos and large letters. The colours depend very

much on each person and the setting for the photo session. Light colours such as

white, cream, pale blue, khaki, pale yellow etc work well with any backdrop.


I recommend white clothes for studio photos with a white backdrop and black clothes

for a black backdrop. That way faces are enhanced.


It’s important to take care with the combination of clothes worn by all of the people

taking part in the session and it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes and some

accessories (necklace, cap, sunglasses, scarf etc) to add some variety.


Photos of babies are more successful without too much clothing or nude.




Where to have the session?


The most comfortable option for newborn babies and many pregnant women is probably

their own home. You won’t have to leave the house and will have everything you may

need to hand (changing facilities, clothes, accessories, toys, bathroom….). What’s more,

features of your own home will appear in the photos, adding a personal touch and

making the memories even more special afterwards.


Having said that, beautiful photos can be taken practically anywhere: in a natural

setting such as a field, the beach, a park, or even in the city.

Maybe there is a place that you love or that has special meaning for you…