My work method and philosophy


I’ve always loved photography (I developed my first photos at the age of 12, all on film of course) and I’ve always loved working with people (I worked as an art-therapist and community worker for some years)….So, I’m delighted to be able to combine the two in my current occupation.


Being the mother of two wonderful children, I know how quickly it all changes:

The pregnancy, an incredible and unique transformation of the woman’s body; the newborn baby, such a tiny and fragile new life; the baby’s first days, weeks, months, years…

I also know how quickly the memories fade with each stage that passes and how precious beautiful pictures of those fleeting phases are.


That is why I consider it an honour, as a photographer, to help people, families in particular, to record special moments in their lives forever.

What I love about photography is that it enables us to freeze a moment and turn it into an image, a memory forever.

An expression, a glint in the eyes, a loving gesture, a spontaneous smile or some other little detail can transmit feelings and intimacy that can’t be described with words.


The art of photography for me is (apart from mastering the technical side, lighting, framing, etc) finding precisely that magical moment to shoot.

I think the key to finding that moment is that those in front of the camera feel relaxed and comfortable.

Another important factor for me is the personal contact and good perception on my part, in order to capture each person’s distinguishing features and beauty.

These two factors sometimes require a little time. That’s why I like to work without rushing.

    I work around the needs of my younger and older models and do everything within my power to create a pleasant atmosphere, however long it takes.


Let the photo session itself be a special experience that you’ll always remember!